15th March 2021

A quick update on my audiobooks.

I’ve recently completed the audio version of The Beacon. Due to ‘Audiblegate’ – see Returns – I’m taking it and my previously published audiobooks wide, i.e., to other retailers, not just Audible and iTunes.

This also means that I have more control over pricing on the wide sites and the audiobooks will now be available at far more reasonable cost than they were previously. However, I still can’t control the price set by Audible and Amazon so if you’re interested in buying but don’t have Audible membership, do shop around for much cheaper deals that are available elsewhere.

For links to the main sites where the first two Earth Haven audiobooks are available, see Earth Haven trilogy







For links to the main sites where Pond Life and Ghosts of Christmas Past are available, see short story collections


The audiobooks will become available on other sites and I’ll add more when they do.

My next audiobook project will be the final book in the Earth Haven trilogy, The Reckoning, but I won’t be starting that for a while. I have a fantasy novel itching to be written that’s going to be fairly lengthy. I’ll be getting that written, edited and published before returning to audio.

In the meantime, I intend continuing to post to my blog every two weeks, but shall otherwise probably be keeping a fairly low profile while I concentrate on the new novel.

Oh, and I’ve had the first part of my Covid-19 vaccine. A few minor side effects (tiredness the following day, and a sore shoulder), but all’s fine. Looking forward to getting the second jab, and to all my family and friends becoming protected so I can give my mum a hug and meet my friends down the pub for a pint.

Stay safe, be kind.

* * *

1st February 2021

The second part of that interview, and an extract from The Elevator, appears today: Sam Kates interview Part 2

Again, big thanks to Jane and E.M. for having me.

* * *

18th January 2021

An interview with me and an extract from The Cleansing appears on two fellow writers’ blog today. It’s Part 1 – the second part will be along in a few weeks. Here’s the link: Sam Kates interview

Thank you, Jane and E.M. for hosting me.

* * *

8th January 2021

A happy new year to one and all. Let’s hope, despite its inauspicious start (Oh, America, what are you doing to yourselves?), it’s a vast improvement on the year just gone.

Today, Milandra from my Earth Haven trilogy, has been interviewed on a fellow writer’s blog – thank you, Assaph, for hosting her! It’s here: Milandra speaks