15th September 2020

I’m taking part in a month-long dark fantasy giveaway in which there are lots of goodies up for grabs in return for subscribing to the participating authors’ mailing lists. (You can always later unsubscribe from some or all of those lists.)

Why not pop along and take a look? (Sorry if you’re based elsewhere, but the giveaway is only open to US-based readers.) It’s here: giveaway

Good luck!

* * *

4th September 2020

My wife and I were due to be cruising the Med this week and next to mark our 30th wedding anniversary. For obvious reasons, the cruise has been cancelled, but I’m taking the opportunity to push ahead with producing the audio version of The Beacon and so there will be no blog post this week. I’ll be back in two weeks – see you then!

* * *

17th July 2020

It’s been a while since I last posted any news items. With all that’s been going on in the world, I haven’t felt a pressing need to talk about my work, but I’m trying to return as far as possible to normal, so here goes.

If you catch my blog posts, you’ll see I had a health scare in February. Touch wood, I’m well on the way to recovery from that.

What of work? I’ve been pressing on with producing my own audiobooks. After my first effort, the small collection of dark festive tales, went live in December, I decided—in order to be doubly sure I was competent before tackling a full-length work—to produce an audio version of the first book I ever published. Pond Life and Other Stories was uploaded to ACX on 1st April. Due to the pandemic, it took much longer than normal to go through the quality control process, but it passed without any changes having to be made and has gone live within the past week or so.

Links can be found on the ‘Books’ dropdown menu and then by clicking the ‘Short story collections’ option. (The Apple link isn’t yet available—to follow.) All the retail sites have a free sample of a few minutes in length so you can listen to my non-dulcet tones.

I’m now working on the audio version of the second Earth Haven book, The Beacon. It’s around four times longer than Pond Life and will take me quite a while to complete, but I’m going as fast as I can. My aim is to then produce the audio version of the final book in the Earth Haven trilogy, The Reckoning. This, too, will take me months.

I find the process of editing the audio tracks so time-consuming that the new novel I’ve started has had to be temporarily shelved. It’s a lengthy fantasy novel (tentatively titled Whitland) that’s itching to be written, but deserves my full attention. So until all three Earth Haven audiobooks are complete, that will remain on the back-burner.

That’s all for now. Stay safe, be kind.

* * *

4th February 2020

The blog post that’s due this Friday isn’t going to appear because I’ll be otherwise engaged in Dublin. I’m going to the Emerald Isle with a group of lifelong friends to celebrate our 55th birthdays and to cheer on Wales in the Six Nations. Fair to say that a hefty volume of Guinness will be dispatched and songs will be sung with no great skill but no lack of enthusiasm.

C’mon Wales!

* * *

28th December 2019

The result of my first attempt at narrating my own audiobooks is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Links can be found on the ‘Books’ dropdown menu and then by clicking the ‘Short story collections’ option. All the retail sites have a free sample of around three minutes in length.