4th February 2020

The blog post that’s due this Friday isn’t going to appear because I’ll be otherwise engaged in Dublin. I’m going to the Emerald Isle with a group of lifelong friends to celebrate our 55th birthdays and to cheer on Wales in the Six Nations. Fair to say that a hefty volume of Guinness will be dispatched and songs will be sung with no great skill but no lack of enthusiasm.

C’mon Wales!

* * *

28th December 2019

The result of my first attempt at narrating my own audiobooks is now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Links can be found on the ‘Books’ dropdown menu and then by clicking the ‘Short story collections’ option. All the retail sites have a free sample of around three minutes in length.


*  *  *

29th August 2019

I’m heading down to the Med to indulge in some serious r & r in Greece. If you want to get in touch, by all means do so (there’s a contact form at the bottom of the ‘Stay in Touch’ page), but don’t expect a reply until mid-September.

Yia mas!

* * *

2nd August 2019

My new collection of dark novellas releases today as an ebook on Amazon only initially. See dropdown book menu – Novellas – for links.

Available to purchase or to borrow through Kindle Unlimited. The cover is below.

* * *

3rd May 2019

A quick update.

The Cleansing received one of the most enthusiastic reviews I’ve ever received. It’s here.

I was interviewed on a fellow author’s blog. It was a lot of fun and can be found here.

Audio tokens up for grabs
If you’d like to download a free copy of the audio version of The Cleansing from Audible, I have some tokens to give away on a first-come, first-served basis. To request one, complete the contact form towards the bottom of the ‘Stay in Touch’ page (accessed via the top menu) and indicate whether you’d prefer the UK or US Audible store. (I have only a handful of US tokens left; more available for UK.)

Paperback sale (UK only)
I have a stock of the original editions of my paperbacks available for sale to UK residents (free p&p). They’re heavily discounted from their original prices and when compared to the new editions, and would make great presents for friends or family who enjoy dark fiction. For more details and an order form, go to the ‘Paperback Sale (UK)’ page from the top menu.

Cover reveal
Finally, a peek at the cover of my next release that I’m aiming to publish by the end of June. To be notified of the opportunity of preordering the book at a big discount, join my mailing list by completing the ‘Subscribe’ form on the ‘Stay in Touch’ page.

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28th January 2019

Yesterday my novel The Cleansing was promoted in the UK, Canada and Australia through a price-drop to £0.99 / $0.99 and inclusion in BookBub’s Daily Deals newsletter. (Not for the US, unfortunately, but I’m going to keep trying to get a Daily Deal there.)

The promotion greatly exceeded my hopes, driving the novel to Number One on the Amazon bestselling lists in most science fiction sub-categories for which it is eligible and gaining the orange rectangular Number One Bestseller tag in all three countries. I was particularly pleased to gain the tag in Canada and Australia in the competitive Post-Apocalyptic sub-category. In the UK, it peaked at Number Two in that list, but reached Number One in a few slightly less competitive ones, like Colonisation and Alien Invasion.

Quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever achieve bestselling status anywhere so to do so in three countries, including my homeland, has given me a huge lift, and that’s putting it mildly. Here’s a screenshot of the Australian site with the orange rectangle:

In other news, I have today been interviewed on a fellow author’s blog, here.

These are exciting times.

* * *

6th December 2018

This week sees the release of the e-book edition of The Elevator Omnibus – all three books in the trilogy in one volume. For links, click on ‘The Elevator trilogy’ button from the ‘Books’ drop-down menu.

Added bonus: when purchasing a paperback copy of any of my books from Amazon, you should be given the option of, at the same time, obtaining the Kindle edition either free or for $0.99. (Note that this only applies to the most recent editions of the paperbacks – the links on this site will take you to the correct editions.)

Sam Kates Office Party: the 4th SK Christmas party takes place tomorrow, when I treat some of my nearest and dearest, who have helped me throughout the year, to steak and wine. Next week’s blog post will report on how it went; at least, those parts that are printable in polite society.

* * *

22nd November 2018

The audio version of The Cleansing has been available for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes for a week. I’m delighted to report that (1) it’s been selling steadily, and (2) it has received its first review on The reviewer says:

Great story

I’m anxiously awaiting the next book.
More than worth the credit.
One of my favorite of 2018.

For links to the audiobook where you can listen to the free sample, see the Earth Haven section on the ‘Books’ dropdown menu.