Paperback SALE (UK)

Sale—for as long as stocks last. Original editions of my books published by Smithcraft Press.
Size: 6″ x 9″

Four of the books (the Earth Haven trilogy, and The Village of Lost Souls) have since been published in paperback as new editions. The fifth book, Pond Life, has not been published as a new edition and is never likely to be, at least in its current format.

Brief details (more can be found under the dropdown menu Books) and prices below—postage and packing are free, but I’m sorry that I can only post within the UK. It’s too cost-prohibitive to post overseas.

Pond Life: Tales of the Wondrous and the Macabre 

An eclectic collection of ten short stories. (No new edition available.)

Price: £3.00


The Village of Lost Souls

A novel about love and loss and ghosts. (New edition price £9.99.)

Price: £5.00


The Cleansing (Earth Haven: Book 1)

The first in an apocalyptic, science fiction trilogy. (New edition price £10.99.)

Price: £6.00


The Beacon (Earth Haven: Book 2)

The survivors’ struggle continues. (New edition price £10.99.)

Price: £6.00


The Reckoning (Earth Haven: Book 3)

Humankind faces its final reckoning. (New edition price £10.99.)

Price: £6.00


*** Save £6.00—all five books: £20.00 ***


To order, please complete and submit the following form. Upon receipt, I’ll double-check your order with you (since I know that mistakes can sometimes be made completing online forms) and then issue a PayPal request. At the first opportunity after payment has been received, I’ll dispatch the books by ordinary second class post—you’ll receive an email to confirm they’re on the way.

Should you wish to order more than one copy of any book, please indicate in the message box.

Books requested (required)
Pond Life £3.00Village of Lost Souls £5.00The Cleansing £6.00The Beacon £6.00The Reckoning £6.00All 5 books £20.00

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