Here you will find details of all my books, and those to which I have contributed.

There’s apocalyptic science fiction (the Earth Haven trilogy), dark fantasy and horror (the Elevator trilogy, The Village of Lost Souls, and Moths in ‘Novellas’) or, if your tastes run to something a little lighter, a novel about a man trying to escape the rat race (That Elusive Something).

If you prefer shorter reads, there are a few collections of short stories – a mix of horror, fantasy, science fiction and general fiction – and various anthologies to which I have contributed.

Merely click each item on the drop-down menu ‘Books’ to read the book’s description and a little background about each one.

With some of the longer works, there are links to sample chapters so you can take the novel for a test drive before deciding whether to buy.

You’ll also find links to online retailers where you can purchase the ebooks and, where relevant, the paperback and audio versions. They are available on other sites, too, but I’ve limited the links to the most popular ones to avoid clutter.

Please note that links to the Amazon UK site will usually be affiliate links, meaning I earn a small amount of commission from any purchases made after following the links.  They don’t affect the prices you pay Amazon.

Happy reading!