Published 2nd August 2019.

A collection of three dark novellas that delve into the nature of memory, madness and the afterlife.

The Goldfish Syndrome: a mystery takes a sinister turn—some secrets are best left undiscovered . . .

Moths: when the line between reality and fantasy grows blurred, tragedy beckons.

Returned: a soul dragged from the afterlife, an ancient secret and a race against time to thwart evil.

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In production.

Moths is a collection of three dark novellas that combine to make a decent-sized paperback of almost 400 pages in length.

Two of the stories—The Goldfish Syndrome and Returned—were written especially for this collection, though the ideas had been knocking around in my head for years. As to the first story, it was the notion of a mad scientist using the reputedly short attention spans of goldfish for his own nefarious means; in the latter case, it was a particular scene which nagged at my imagination—that of a coffin being carried towards a waiting grave to the accompaniment of the tune ‘Tequila’. The title story, Moths, had already been largely written, but needed an ending.

The three stories are quite different from each other and most readers should find at least one of them to enjoy. Happy reading!