The Elevator trilogy

A few years ago in my regular job, we had to temporarily relocate to the second floor (what Americans would call the third floor) while our groundfloor office was being refurbished. Most days I walked, but sometimes, when I was heavily laden or simply couldn’t be bothered climbing six flights of stairs (two per floor), I’d take the lift. That’s what we call an elevator in the U.K.

The lift would lurch to a halt on the second floor and there would follow a pregnant pause while the door made up its mind to slide open. I’d find myself wondering, ‘What if the door opened not onto a drab office space, but to a sun-drenched alien world?’

The result of those musings is The Elevator. Written as a standalone, it can still be read as one. But I kept thinking about what became of the characters, especially one of them, and wanting to know more about the villain of the piece. It became clear that I needed to write a couple of sequels. Thus, it became a trilogy.


An ordinary elevator. An ordinary morning.

Matt steps into the elevator, wanting only to reach his workspace, and coffee, on the Sixth Floor. Three more people enter and the elevator ascends. Another dreary day in the office, they think. Until the door slides open…

What greets Matt drives all thoughts of coffee from his mind, for he isn’t faced with the drab office he is expecting, but a sun-drenched land of exotic scents. And danger.

Thus begins a day of journeying to wondrous places containing deadly perils. A day that will change the lives of all four travellers, especially Matt’s. A day he will never forget, no matter how much he’d like to.

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 *  *  *

An eerie calm. Chaos lurks.

A land inhabited by people from distant places and times. A land of meadow and forest, where to leave the trail is to court death. A land where the Scourgers roam.

In an apparently selfless act to save their lives and perform the task set by the Lord of the Dance, Jack has abandoned Matt, Kim and Tara on the near shore. But his motives are not noble.

What he discovers on the far shore changes all: it is not merely his own and former Elevator companions’ lives that are at risk. The stakes are dramatically higher. And, like it or not, Jack is forced to join the game.

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 *  *  *

Face your demons. Save humankind.

A future hangs in the balance. Many futures.

Only one person has the power to prevent it all unravelling and he can’t do it alone. Aided by companions old and new, Jack returns to the near shore. Foes must be faced, fears conquered.

But for humanity to prevail, the choreographer of chaos must also be vanquished. Insanity and depravity overcome. The Lord of the Dance lies in wait…

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The complete trilogy in one volume

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