May 2024 – Audiobook sale

The Earth Haven audiobooks are included in a deal on Kobo where listeners can buy 3 audiobooks for only £12 (and equivalent) for the month of May. There are numerous categories – mine are in the science fiction section – and the deal is being offered in various countries.

The Earth Haven audiobooks would cost almost £30 to buy on Kobo normally, so this is a pretty good deal.

If you’re interested, click on the relevant country below – I believe the links only work if you’re based in that country:

United Kingdom   Canada   United States   Australia   New Zealand   Netherlands   India   Singapore

Happy listening!

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April 2024

Blimey, it’s April already! Have to say, mind, that it feels like February. It’s wet, windy and cold here in the UK. Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with making book trailer videos for my books. I need to work out out how to play the videos on this site, but until I do you can see them on my Facebook page

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7th March 2023

If you shop for ebooks on GooglePlay, they are running bundle deals on both my trilogies, Earth Haven and The Elevator.  Here are a few more details and links to the first of each trilogy where the deal can be accessed:

Earth Haven

Buy the first two ebooks, receive a 20% discount; buy all three, receive a 30% discount.
The Cleansing on Googleplay

The Elevator

Buy the first two ebooks, receive a 25% discount; buy all three, receive a 50% discount.
The Elevator on GooglePlay

Happy reading!

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2nd November 2022

The audio edition of The Reckoning has passed the quality control checks and is now live on most audiobook retailers. Links to the most popular sites can be found on the Earth Haven book page.

That’s the trilogy completed in audio. Happy listening!

Audiobook cover image showing a shadowy object, possibly a spacecraft, emerging from dark clouds

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23rd November 2021

The last of my short story collections is now available in audio. It’s a collection of three short stories (all science fiction and/or fantasy) sharing a common theme: the search for lost loved ones. The ebook and audio links can be found here: short story collections

I’m now embarking on the audio version of the final novel in the Earth Haven trilogy, The Reckoning. Having recently invested in some audio editing software, I’m hoping that my editing time will be greatly improved. We shall see…

Stay safe. Be kind.

* * *

1st November 2021

I was asked to contribute to a new website about books by writing short reviews of five of my favourite novels in a genre of my choice. Post-apocalyptic tales being among my favourites, it was an easy choice, though choosing only five books within that genre was a little tougher.. Here are my Best Post-Apocalyptic Novels

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1st September 2021

The audio version of my short story Dying by Numbers is now available. For links, go to short story collections

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14th July 2021

I have recently been finding the commitment to post to my blog every fortnight a little onerous. Come off it, Sam, I hear you saying. One post, every two weeks? What could be onerous about that?

Well, I’m trying to write a new novel and finding it slow-going. I’m only 40,000 words in and I’m aiming for around 180,000 words or upwards, so have a long way to go. There are several reasons for the slow progress that can all be lumped under the same heading: Life Happening.

There have been a few occasions of late when, with the two-week deadline approaching, I’ve had to pull away from the novel to draft a new post or find a suitable accompanying image or format book links or any of the other things that have to be done to run a regular blog.

It’s reached the stage where something has to give and it’s not going to be the new novel.

I’m not abandoning the blog and will still post to it when I have something new to say and have the time to write it. I still have some old interviews to post, including a couple with characters from my books which were great fun to do. But I am abandoning the commitment to post every two weeks. For now, at any rate.

So the blog will remain active and new posts (or old ones that previously appeared on other people’s blogs) will pop up from time to time. But not with the same regularity as before.

Back to the novel …

* * *

15th March 2021

A quick update on my audiobooks.

I’ve recently completed the audio version of The Beacon. Due to ‘Audiblegate’ – see Returns – I’m taking it and my previously published audiobooks wide, i.e., to other retailers, not just Audible and iTunes.

This also means that I have more control over pricing on the wide sites and the audiobooks will now be available at far more reasonable cost than they were previously. However, I still can’t control the price set by Audible and Amazon so if you’re interested in buying but don’t have Audible membership, do shop around for much cheaper deals that are available elsewhere.

For links to the main sites where the first two Earth Haven audiobooks are available, see Earth Haven trilogy







For links to the main sites where Pond Life and Ghosts of Christmas Past are available, see short story collections


The audiobooks will become available on other sites and I’ll add more when they do.