Sample Chapters

Although you can read a free sample of each of my published works on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, I’ve decided to make a selection of samples available here to give prospective readers an opportunity to gain a glimpse of my writing style, and a taste of the story (though bear in mind that one chapter may not be sufficient to provide a full flavour), before committing to a purchase, and without having to navigate away from this site.

I’m including the opening chapters of some of my longer works. With trilogies, I’m only including a sample from the first book—if you’d prefer to see samples from subsequent books in the series, please get in touch and let me know.

There are links to the samples on the relevant book page (accessed in the ‘Books’ dropdown menu) or you can navigate to any sample from the ‘Sample Chapters’ dropdown menu.

I don’t know whether potential readers will find it useful having these samples available to read here—if you’re one and you do find them useful, or not, please let me know by getting in touch.

Happy reading!